Thursday, September 4, 2014

catching up

I've been so busy with work and the start of my senior year at school I haven't really been on my computer much! I'm still trying to figure out a good balance between work, school, my social life, and keeping up with my blog, but I do make time for little adventures and outfits!

The little alcove above is from one of the parks in my area, Kakiat. As close as this is to my house, I've never been to this park until last year. I've taken this trail before but just noticed this abandoned building the last time I went on a hike. I did this session alone, and had a personal thinking session. It really cleared my mind, but I'm really excited to go on more hikes through the fall. As much as I love hiking in the summer, sometimes it gets so hot it's unenjoyable.

Another thing I've been doing recently is going on drives alone. My friends and I have been driving around as something to do since we've had our licenses, but this is the first year I've just taken three hour trips by myself. I ended up in a really pretty part of the New Jersey/New York state border, and hopefully I can make it out there again before the weather gets too chilly so I can take some photos. There were marinas! Where are there marinas around me other than the Hudson?

Some other really cool things have happened in the last few weeks; my best friend Ashlyn interviewed me for a feature over at CollegeFashion. I feel like my interview is sort of cringe, but I wanted to sound as credible as a little girl in booty shorts and bra top could sound. It features one of my favourite outfits, one that I wore to my very last time out at Fabric when I was in London.

Another shot is on WeWomen, just of one of my First-Week-of-School outfits. I always love back to school time because it means I get to dress up to go to class. I didn't put them on my blog instagram, but here are some other shots of my outfits over the last couple of weeks.

wednesday addams on a wednesday

fall feels

Both dresses are available at GypsyWarrior! I want to do a post on my fall grabs. I feel like it's already too late to do a summer to fall transition post, but we'll see!

Thanks for reading! xx